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productivity coaching

Compassionate private one-on-one coaching for the spoonie entrepreneur where we will simplify your routine, strengthen your inner guidance, and build in more fun!



Cut out the months of fiddling with features and let’s get your coaching biz systemized + automated using my signature step-by-step Dubsado framework that has you covered - from leads to offboarding in just a weekend!


STRATEGIC PLANNING for online BIZ owners

Sessions covering foundations, strategic objectives, and forecasting. Your very own Strategic Objective Dashboard to keep you on track and ensure you're making progress towards your goals.


Listen - I've been in your shoes...

I know that you want to be confident and effortlessly in control of your life. In order to achieve that, you need trusted support- someone who will know when to listen and when to ask questions; the right questions. The problem is you aren’t sure such a personal supporter even exists, which may have you feeling a little lost.

I believe that you deserve a trusted partner who is skilled at helping you navigate your specific situation.

I understand how disappointing it is not to know if the help you are looking for is out there- and if it is, is it accessible to you?

Like you, I once faced so much noise in the world and mental clutter in my head that kept me from knowing how to move forward. I was stuck and miserable, but I knew I was meant for more, which is why I did the research and found my person- the guide to my brighter future- and then I went on to receive specialty training as a certified Life Coach so that I can help others, like you, to rediscover your passions and refuel your motivation for life with greater self awareness and inspired action. And, through my journey I also solidified that I want to help people like you not just through productivity coaching, but with their systems, workflows, and tech to get them out of tinkering with features and back into their zone of genius!

you can find your sweet spot and create the life and business you dream of!

"I saved a lot of money..and a lot of time. "

If you’re looking for someone who has been there, done that, and has diversified their tools and the roadmap to get where they want to get, and has that all in one place - and you want to put forth the effort and you have the energy to do it...

Christy is the person for YOU. You don’t have to be alone.

- eMILY G., Revive pm


lana m.

“I feel clearer and have a better understanding of what kind of person I am, and what I want to do.”


freebies? Yes please!

Dubsado for Coaches Email Swipe Kit

For coaches who use Dubsado, this canned email pack is for YOU! Tired of typing every email over and over again? Let's increase your profit by spending less time on repetitive tasks! Get 35+ canned emails today.

Intuitive Productivity Resource Library

Goodies to help you along with your journey such as How To Supercharge The Pomodoro Technique, Goal Setting, Life Balance Worksheets..and more!


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